Fresh From Florida

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest quality grassfed beef to restaurants and consumers. We are committed to the Fresh-From-Florida program and our beef is born, raised, processed, and distributed throughout the state of Florida.

Our Cattle

Our cows and steers are all Angus based and are born, raised and processed in the State of Florida.

Their diet consists of high-quality grasses. The guidelines of the American Grassfed Association are strictly adhered to.

Our Grassfed/Grass Finished steers are NEVER, EVER given antibiotics or growth hormones…EVER!

Quality meat, Quality Benefits

Over the years we have been able to consistently provide a well marbled, incredible tasting beef product for our customers. Each cut is personally inspected for quality before it is ever distributed.

Grassfed/ Grass finished beef is known for its healthy Omega 3 fat. This offers a great alternative for those that enjoy beef, but are also health-conscious.

A Family Business

Over a decade ago the Planz Family started Providence Cattle Company, which is a cow/calf operation in Hillsborough County, to supply whole and half steers to families in the Tampa Bay area.

When they started their ranch, Joe Planz said, “the beef we raise and process will have to be the best and healthiest available.” That includes having all of the beef be “never, ever.” The “never, ever” program means that all of the beef has never been subjected to any antibiotics or growth hormones EVER. In addition, the cows and steers would ALWAYS be treated humanely, as God would expect of us.

A Tradition of Excellence

Growing up dairying in NE Pennsylvania, and then spending 35 years in the hotel and restaurant business, Joe realized over the years that consumers were becoming more conscious about what they were eating and where their food actually comes from.

So, when the Planz Family started Providence Cattle, there was an emphasis on traceability, along with the finest Angus genetics for marbling which produced the exceptional beef offered by Providence Cattle.

Collaboration & Inspiration

As the popularity of Grassfed/Grass finished beef increased, the Planz Family decided to drift away from the traditional grain finished steers that they were producing and venture into this new market that was demanded for a healthier lifestyle.

While studying the Grassfed/Grass finishing process of raising steers, Joe realized the immense amount of land needed and the complexity of producing the exceptional beef that Providence was striving to produce. That is when Joe reached out to Clifton Chapman with the Double C Bar Ranch in Kenansville, FL, who was also thinking of developing a Grassfed/Grass finished beef product.

Clifton, a 4th generation Florida cattleman, had studied agriculture and animal science at the University of Georgia, and his knowledge of grasses and animal genetics would be essential to bringing the finest quality of Grassfed/Grass finished beef to consumers.

A Lasting Partnership

Over ten years, the partnership that Joe and Clifton formed has led to Providence Cattle Company being recognized as the premier Grassfed/Grass finished cattle producer in Florida. The beef that they produce is used in some of the finest steakhouses, specialty restaurants, hotels and butcher shops from Central Florida.