1/2 & Whole Steers Now Available for Your Family!

Providence Cattle is now offering Double C Bar Ranch whole and half steers directly to consumers.  The steers are our Pasture+ Steers* that are Graded Choice and used by many restaurants throughout West Central Florida.

Whether you purchase a whole or half steer, you will get a combination of the following cuts:

Chuck Roast (2lb roasts)

Rib Steak (16oz steaks)

Flank Steak (whole)

Rump Roast

London Broil (2lb cuts)

Eye of Round Roast (cut in half)

Filet Mignon (8oz steaks)

Short Ribs

Marrow Bones

Flat Iron (7oz steaks)

Brisket (cut in half)

Skirt Steak (whole)

Sirloin Steak (8oz steaks)

Bottom Round Roast

Osso Bucco (2” cut)

NY Strip (12oz steaks)

Ground Beef (1lb packages)

Tri Tip Roasts


Whole Steer $5.00LB**

½ Steer $5.50/LB**


Buying  a whole steer we recommend a  22 cubic foot freezer

Buying a half steer we recommend a 10 cubic foot freezer

“Great tasting, well-cut beef, my husband and I are extremely happy finding Providence Cattle and buying a side of beef.” – Cynthia D, Customer

*Pasture+ is a registered trademark for Double C Bar Ranch steers that are grass fed and finished with an all-natural feed.  All steers are “Never, Ever”, which means that they have never received any antibiotics or growth hormones; Ever!
**Price is based upon hanging weight and includes all processing fees, USDA inspection, packaging and delivery within the Tampa Bay area.  Average whole steers weigh approximately 850 LBS.   A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering.


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