Our cows and steers are all Angus based and are born, raised and processed in the state of Florida.


Our cows and steers are all Angus based and are born, raised and processed in the state of Florida.

Grassfed cattle, born, raised and processed all within the state of Florida.

Certified Fresh From Florida our animals are humanly raised on Florida grasses and finished on high protein legumes. We adhere to the “Never, Ever” program which states that the beef that we sell has never received antibiotics or growth hormones…Ever!

Our beef is the finest grassfed beef you can purchase. All of our steaks and roasts are wet-aged for at least 21 days. Served in many restaurants and hotels throughout the state, our beef consistently receives praise from chefs as well as consumers. We know that you will join that list. Enjoy!



¼, ½, & Whole Steers

  • Meat is individually sealed, labeled and USDA inspected.
  • Price includes all processing fees, packaging, and delivery within the Tampa Bay Area.

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Grassfed Ground Beef

Our Grassfed 80/20 Ground Beef has incredible flavor and is always juicy. Whether you are throwing a burger on the grill, making meatballs or meatloaf, you will love the end result.

Package: 1 lb


Hot Dogs

Made from only the top and eye round sections of the steer, these hot dogs have a great flavor and an awesome “snap.” We never use fillers in our hot dogs!

Package: 1 lb


NY Strip Steak

Who doesn’t love a good strip steak?

This steak is always a crowd pleaser and is best served medium to medium rare.

Package: 14oz


Sirloin Steak

Our top loin center cut Baseball Sirloins are full of flavor and juicy.

For added tenderness, let it sit for a few hours in your favorite marinade before throwing it on the grill.

Package: 8oz



Ask any cattleman what their favorite steak is, and it will always be a rib steak.

Package: 16oz


Filet Mignon

One of the most tender cuts, the Filet Mignon is lean yet buttery.

Package: 8oz


Chuck Eye Steak

Want the flavor of the chuck, but the tenderness of a rib steak, the Chuck Eye Steak delivers.

Package: 12oz


Teres Major (Petit Filet)

This juicy and tender cut is shaped like a tenderloin but is smaller and more affordable. Great on the grill or broiler.

Package: 1lb



Known as the cut of beef with the absolutely BEST flavor, brisket is perfect for the slow cooker or even better on the smoker.

Package: 5lb


London Broil

Cut from the Top Round, this versatile cut of beef can be grilled, broiled or even stove top prepared.

Combine London Broil with your favorite marinade and always let it rest for about 5 minutes before cutting and serving.

Package: 2 lb


Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast is cut from the shoulder and is well marbled, which gives this roast excellent flavoring.

Package: 2lb


Bottom Round Roast

Looking for a great roast that is also economical? Bottom Round Roast is the answer.

Package: 2lb


Eye of Round

For roast beef sandwiches, the Eye of Round is perfect. Slow roast this cut and then thinly slice for an outstanding sandwich experience.

Package: 2lb


Stew Beef/Kabobs

Our stew beef is well marbled and cooks fantastic in a crockpot. Put it on in the morning and supper is ready when you get home.

Package: 1lb


Boneless Short Ribs

Rich and meaty, these favorites are moist and tender when slow cooked.

Package: 2.5lb


Beef Back Ribs

Open up the smoker and invite the neighbors over. These meaty ribs are truly an incredible end to a day of tending the smoker.

Package: 2lb


Beef Liver

Beef Liver is probably the most nutritious and healthy meat you can eat. Loaded with vitamins, Beef Liver is best fried on the stove top.

Package: 1lb


Beef Bones

Whether for broth, stock or spoiling your dog, these bones will answer the call.

Package: 5lb